14 de março de 2007

A person I love

The person I would like to honour writting about is my husband MARCELO. Why him? First of all because I love him and that is a good apportunity to say something about this beautiful person!

I had known him in may 1999 in a party in Unaí-MG and since the first sight I had a good impress on him. In that day, after we talked a lot about many things because he is a sophisticated and open-minded person, I could percived some good characteristics on his personality that captured may attention like: his extroverted way, in fact fact he is gregarious, self-confident, direct and jolly.

After arrived back from Unaí to Brasília, he invited me to go out when we began to date. As the time passed by, my feelings grown up and we became more and inseparable. Marcelo's family welcomed me as a daugther, moreover, they are very conected and joined, this made me feel more and more in love for him. Family really are the most important thing in life.

The years 2000-2001 were very important in our life. The first important thing was that Marcelo entered at University to take Law, it's his gift and he was very determinated in studying and working, I know it was very hard to him. After we get maried, had a child and built our house. I consider I gain a lot's of presents being together, God really blessed us!

To finish I would like to say that now, Marcelo is a brillant lawyer, a patient and helpful husband and a enthusiastic to my sucess. He is to a lovely and responsable father and for all and more that I couldn't express in a paper, my heart wants to stay near him for all of my lifetime.

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